Since 1939, Montana State Parks has provided quality educational and outdoor recreational opportunities to Montanans and our out-of-state visitors. 

But we are at an important crossroads.

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longstanding challenges

But Montana State Parks continues to face many longstanding challenges. Historically, there has been a lack of awareness and understanding for the system. Funding and staffing levels have remained stagnant over the years. And the system has a growing backlog of deferred maintenance needs and aging facilities.

“All of Montana’s state parks and outdoor recreational and heritage resources deserve more support. The state has untold gems that are being neglected and may be tarnished or even lost without a greater commitment and attention by the Legislature and the people of Montana.”
— HJR 32 Study of State Parks, Outdoor Recreation, and Heritage Resource Programs

In 2012, the Montana Environmental Quality Council analyzed the park system in a report to the Legislature and found that while state parks and recreation programs are a tremendous resource for Montana families, communities, and local economies, the system has not been fully supported over the years. Montana needs to be more aggressive and strategic to help the state parks achieve their full potential today and in the future. This is echoed in a number of other Legislative reports that have been produced over the last 25 years.



a new model

We have historically been all things to all people. Moving forward, a new model must be cultivated to prioritize and balance resources within our capacity while also allowing for growth as opportunities arise. We must cultivate diverse and sustainable funding, leverage public funds with philanthropic support, innovate public and private partnerships, and engage users and partners at all levels with the highest sense of accountability to all Montanans.


Strategic Framework


where we are today

Since 2011, AmeriCorps Members have contributed over 37,000 hours of service to enhancing state parks and strengthening community outreach.

Since 2011, AmeriCorps Members have contributed over 37,000 hours of service to enhancing state parks and strengthening community outreach.

  • 55 State Parks covering 46,538 acres
  • 7 National Historic Landmarks
  • 2.65 million visits in 2016
  • Provide over $2 million in recreation grants to city, state, and federal lands
  • Over 39,000 hours of volunteer service
  • $289 million in annual visitor spending